La Belle Vie en France

Our journey into purchasing and rennovating our fermette in the South West of France

Every week you get to hear about the antics of what us humans get up to, or not as is the case recently. We thought we would mix it up a little and introduce our three dogs which came on this adventure with us. So, without any further ado, lets meet them………


Bacchus was born on 25th December 2016 (yes he’s a Saint), and moved in with us on 19th February 2017.

Bacchus is an English Working Cocker Spaniel, a gundog breed.  He is an amazing fetcher true to his gundog spirit. Gundogs can either be fetchers (they fetch the game that has been shot for the gamekeeper) or flushers (they spend most of the time with the nose to the ground sniffing out the game with the beaters).

He will run all day long and fetch the ball when it is thrown for him, only trouble is he won’t give it back to you. Looks like we need to get some more training in for this lad. Out of the three dogs Bacchus is the more reserved gentleman. So much that his nickname is “Lord Bacchus” which depicts his gentle, kind, respect nature!! He adores a cuddle and takes prime spot on the sofa, when we let him!!


Hudson was born on 18th May 2017 and moved in with us on 4th July 2017. He is Bacchus’s half-brother; they have the same dad and their mums are sisters. Chalk and Cheese comes to mind.

Hudson is also an English Working Cocker Spaniel. He is a hard wired flusher and occasional bird chaser. He will flush all day and is not interested in a ball; he does though love to spend hours on end in the summer flushing/watching the lizards, he’s a very busy dog doing his own thing. He never sleeps during the day, always up and down and always in your face, in your coffee, in your shopping bags, in the cats food given half the chance and even cat flaps! He is truly a special dog as he is very slow in development terms due to getting his stuck whilst his mom gave birth.  But as our special dog, we love him all the same.


Harley was born on 2nd February 2019 and moved in with us on 5th April 2019.

Harley is also an English Working Cocker Spaniel. He is a flusher and a fetcher…he loves flushing out animals and is mad for a ball, he can fetch a ball all day long. Due to his small stature this dog can move, hence his nickname “midget man”.

Harley is unrelated to Bacchus and Hudson, and is from no pedigree line but comes from actual working stock and you can tell. When we first moved to France, he stalked patiently and reaped the rewards……. a mouse! Harley is a lively little chap but when it’s time to rest and relax with “one eye open”, he can be found with his head right up next to the wood burning stove on the hearth. Thus, earning himself a second nickname “hot dog”.

Feeding Habits

All three of our dogs are raw feed and they love it. Their coats and health are amazing as its all-natural food with no chemicals or preservatives thrown in. However sometime this can be a little testing for the humans in the house especially when its green tripe for breakfast!

What’s with their Names?

Like all perspective parents and new animal owners, the conversation one day got round to puppy names. We went through a long list and this is what we came up with:

Bacchus – Named after a Roman God. Bacchus is the God of agriculture, wine and fertility. Given his nature we think that this fits him perfectly.

Hudson – Hudson got his name from our friend Steve. Steve had just become a Grandad, and his grandson was called Hudson. We liked the name so much that we called our dog it. The simplest of name choices. Don’t worry we’re still friends with Steve.

Harley – He is a little live wire, we decided, Harley after the branded motorbike “Harley Davidson” was appropriate. It’s also in keeping with his two brothers Harvey and Hooper, The three H’s. His brothers were bought by my ex-boss Lisa and that’s another story in itself.

All three dogs are our loyal companions and we would not be without them! Even on days when they can be testing.

So, there you are, you have met the dogs! Maybe the cats might get a mention all of their own.

As is customary in our blog, for now it’s time to hang up the keyboard, sit back, relax and have another bottle of my favourite beer.

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Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Meet the Dogs

  1. Lisa Galeozzie says:

    Love this!!!!


    1. Glad you like it. i’ll keep up the good work!


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