La Belle Vie en France

Our journey into purchasing and rennovating our fermette in the South West of France

Woman walking her dogs in the snow

2020 has been and gone, and we are into a new year, 2021. Now that 2021 is upon us, we all ask the same questions……Will it be any better than the last year?  Who knows; besides COVID-19, it will be what we all make it to be? Many will be thankful that 2020 is over, and I think we speak for everyone, that we all hope 2021 sees an improvement of the pandemic around the world and a reduction in the lockdown/restrictions being seen everywhere.

Back in 1992, the Queen made a historic speech which described the year as “annus horribilis”, I think that she may have got it wrong and it was actually last year!

The week running up to Christmas was slow, quiet and calm. No rushing around preparing Christmas food for guests, as it was just the two of us.  We had the full Turkey Christmas Dinner, but no Christmas pudding (Yuck!!).  Animals had the raw version of Christmas dinner, turkey, vegetables and a fresh raw egg on top (Christmas Dinner Tartar).

Between Christmas and New Year, we saw no-one, we hunkered down with the fire on everyday….well who wouldn’t when the outside temperatures is between -1℃ and 4℃ , and that’s during the day.  Night time temperatures have been between -2℃ and -5℃. Brrrr!!!

On New Year’s Day our friends Peter and Colin came around for Turkey curry and watched Troy on Netflix.

On 2 January we went for a walk with the dogs around the 5km (3mile) loop. We took in numerous hamlets in the local area, and remembered to take photos this time.

  • Local barn on top of the hill
  • Woman in a field
  • Farmer Field
  • Dogs playing in the field
  • Two Dogs in a Field
  • Stone house in La Roche
  • Brook running through farmers field
  • Brook running through the farmers field
  • Street sign of La Roche
  • Woman walking her dogs
  • Stone Gite
  • Stone with place name painted on
  • Bird of prey sat on a fence post in a farmers field
  • Straight Road
  • Road Sign
  • Woman walking her dogs
  • Husband and Wife smiling for the camera
  • woman pointing at a sign

This morning, 3 January was a complete surprise to us, we woke to pure whiteness outside.  Two weather stations were checked, and rechecked, nope nothing is mentioned about having snow, but yes, surprise, surprise, it snowed last night and for a lot of today.  What more could a cocker spaniel want………snow………snorkelling in snow……………running and slipping in snow………. Yippee. The temperature didn’t get much above 0℃.  We took lots of photos for this blog. As the day wore on, the snow stayed, the sky turned from pinkie white to brilliant blue and the sun showed its face too.  A wonderful end to the day.

  • Snow on the road
  • Snow on the road under the motorway
  • Snow on the road
  • Snow on the road
  • View of the house from the side
  • Snowy House in the woods
  • House in the Snow
  • Woman walking her dogs
  • Farmyard
  • Cows feeding in the snow
  • Wood with snow
  • Woman walking her dogs in the snow
  • Woman in a field
  • snowy dogs
  • Snow on the road
  • Barn in the snow
  • Barn in the snow
  • Dogs playing in the field
  • Woman walking her dogs in the snow
  • Woman walking her dogs
  • Snow on the road
  • Snow on the road
  • Snow on the road

Mandy is busy crocheting away still and I’m now finished our blog until another day.

As is customary in our bloc, for now it’s time to hang up the keyboard, sit back, relax and have another bottle of my favourite beer.

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Thank you and Happy New Year!!

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