La Belle Vie en France

Our journey into purchasing and rennovating our fermette in the South West of France

Well, time certainly seems to fly especially as we are retired. Some days we literally do not know where the day has gone and what we have done. But you know that’s life and we shall just keep pottering on.

Since our last post, the weather has taken a turn for the worst and has become cold and damp. We have even managed a small yet short flurry of snow. Given all of the rain we have had in December I am surprised that any lay on the ground.

Mandy has opened up a small crafting business and I have spent much of the time learning how to create web pages and run them. In fact, that’s where the time has gone. The business can be found here; and is called Correzienne Crafts. She is still in the very early days of the business and is currently sat next to me crocheting a snood so they can go on the online store. So why not go and check it out and also my guest blogging on the history of crochet and macrame!! I never knew I had it in me to blog about such things. We also are on Facebook and Instagram; links can be found on the home page of our site.

On the Covid front, France has now moved into a curfew stage to try and reduce infections. So, the dreaded form has now gone and we can go about our business as normal but must be home and tucked up in bed by 8pm every night! Over the festive period only Christmas eve has the curfew been lifted. New Year will be slightly different than normal, but for us older folk it will be situation normal.

After a little searching and plucking up the courage to have a difficult conversation in French to get registered with a doctor, we have succeeded! That means Mandy is now registered and has got her prescriptions initiated in France and is now in the French health care system! Which given our limited French was no small achievement. It also helped that the doctor spoke English. A massive relief there!

Christmas at Chez Adams was a quiet affair this year and we stayed home and have not visited any one this time. Mandy and Lynda visited the local Christmas market in Uzerche and had a lovely time, especially as Lynda was not due to be home at Christmas due to work commitments.

So I suppose for now that is us caught up and as the communications director of Mandy’s enterprise (unpaid) and this blog writer I must get my finger out and keep you all up dated as to our progress.

As is customary in our blog, for now it’s time to hang up the keyboard, sit back, relax and have another bottle of my favourite beer.

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Thank you!

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