La Belle Vie en France

Our journey into purchasing and rennovating our fermette in the South West of France

As in most of Europe, life here continues in “Confinement” at its slow and consistent pace. Life continues on and the once quiet road at the front of the house is now even quieter. Which is great news as you can hear the bird song even more all day long.

We have for now finished clearing our allotment area and moved onto an area of waste land that was overgrown with brambles and ferns. The bush cutter this time has taken a bit of a hammering, whilst the chain saw rested peacefully in the workshop. Speaking of which, is slowly coming on, albeit has taken a back burner due to the lovely sunny dry weather we have been experiencing.  The workshop development looks like it will be my hobby when the rainy days arrive and I don’t feel like going outside.

Whilst clearing the Cherry and Hazel, overgrowth, Mandy has had plenty of practice stacking meter lengths of wood and has made a cracking job of it too! An additional 3 to 4 cubic metres of wood for burning.  The Hazel will be best used for the firepit outside.

It would be rude of me not to mention the kittens, they are doing well and recovered well from their castration/sterilisations. They are growing up to be very mischievous, so as soon as the cat flaps arrive and we install them, they will be off into the big wide world of woodland and Glis Glis. Hopefully they will catch these and some mice in the process. I am sure the pull of readily available food won’t keep them away for too long. The animals are all over our Facebook page so why not go and check them out.

As is customary in our bloc, for now it’s time to hang up the keyboard, sit back, relax and have another bottle of my favourite beer. 

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Thank you!

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