La Belle Vie en France

Our journey into purchasing and rennovating our fermette in the South West of France

The week here in La Correze has been a tale of two halves regarding the weather, the first was damp and cold whilst the second has turned out nice with the occasional shower. But despite the better weather, the need for fire wood to see us through the winter was still needed, despite the good intentions of the local farmer (who plays the drums in a band which you must see if you are ever in this part of the world), so a week ago I went off to the timber yard just up the road. After playing a bit of “what is the timber merchant talking about?” and why does this Englishman not speak enough “français”, the fire wood was eventually ordered and the cheque handed over. 

Well during a heavy rain spell on Wednesday morning I get a phone call from the timber yard to say that my order was being delivered in 30 minutes. The truck arrived fully loaded and the 24 cubic meters of France’s finest oak and Châtaigne (Sweet Chestnut) had arrived! After a short while the truck driver was away after some expert unloading which he managed to miss the wife’s treasured established hibiscus and the new one that we planted at the beginning of our adventure in September. All that is left to do now is to get this wood cut down and stored for winter which is going to take most of the winter by the look of it. Best get chopping!!

The Wood’s arrived!
Looks like its going to be a big task!

Now that the wood has arrived and the weather has been remarkedly cooler, it was time to sum up the courage and get up on the roof and inspect the hornets’ nest that had established itself in spring. Well it was still there but was inaccessible from above, so the decision was made to tackle this problem from the bottom. The nest happens to be in the most awkward position on the chimney next to the flue liner. After some prodding and poking from a safe distance some started to fall down. It was only then that we realised that the nest was still live and hornets where still in the nest in their cocoon and somewhere about to hatch that we had knocked down. So, we quickly stopped that job. Thankfully nobody was harmed during, but the wood burning stove will have to wait another month before it can be lit. At least that gives me a chance to get some more wood cut

With the sunnier weather at the later end of the week and into the weekend, my intentions turned to the “Man-cave”. Finally clearing out the last section to open up the space. It was now time to organise the space and move in.  By the way things are going it’s going to be a long process and may take a few weeks yet to finalise.  But the workbench is now out of the packaging and is fully up and running. I am sure that it is going to get abused over the coming years which is something that I am looking forward too. 

So, for now it’s time to hang up the keyboard, sit back, relax and have another bottle of my favourite beer. 

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